Drawing A Blank

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Flickershow’s first full-length recording – Drawing A Blank.

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Welcome Natalie Claire!

Flickershow welcomes its newest star today… that’s right, our man Clark is a dad!

A big big welcome to Natalie Claire Allore, born at 12:44pm. Congratulations, Clark and Michelle!

Posted Tuesday 11 July 2006.

Music on the street

We’ll be playing twice this weekend at the second annual Danforth Music Festival, one near Main, one near Coxwell. We’ll be joining our friends, Some of the Parts, for an afternoon set.

And next weekend, Julian and Eli will be doing a set at the Renaissance as part of the Scotia Entertainment Acoustic Showcase.

Hope to see you all there!

Posted Wednesday 31 August 2005.

A double feature, and a new look

Still from the video for 'Invincible'Flickershow is old-timey slang for “movie” - hence the term flick. So it’s about time we had some movies to show. Presenting our brand new Videos page, featuring the brand new video for “Invincible”!

To mark the occasion, we’ve also given the web site a major retooling. The silent-movie schtick is no more (though we may eventually put up an archived version of it, just for kicks).

Posted Friday 12 August 2005.

Videos and thank yous

image The video launch for “Invincible” was a smash. Thanks to Archery and Jess Graham for their marvelous tunes. We’ll have the “Invincible” video up on the web soon!

And thank you as well to everyone who tuned in to the Studio 2 special on TVO, and who voted for us in the viewer poll!

Ah, the magic of editing. We looked so calm and collected and on top of our game on that stage in Parry Sound. You didn’t see the five minutes of us blathering and blanking out in the pre-interview, or the conversation with Steve Paikin, which went something like…

SP: So, what made you decide to enter the contest?
Eli: Well, our parents told us about it. They’re big Studio 2 fans and…
SP: And what about you guys? Big fans?
Eli: Uh…! Well. We don’t have a television, actually. Because, um, we’re… starving artists and, er, we can’t afford…
SP: You’re only digging yourself in deeper, you know.
Eli: (hangs head contritely)

Posted Friday 24 June 2005.

TVO’s Ontario Song Contest

Eli and Julian warming up in Parry SoundBig news: Flickershow was recently selected as one of ten winners in the Ontario Song Contest held by TVO’s current affairs show, Studio 2!

That’s right, there were over 300 entries, but we rose to the top, like cream, if you will, or strange unidentifiable mold, if you prefer. The prize? We get to be part of a one-hour special on TVO on June 23! In fact, you can change that get to got, ‘cause the taping was this past Sunday at the Charles Stockey Centre in Parry Sound. So, check your local listings and tune in to see our mugs grace your tube! It’s like Canadian Idol - only it’s public broadcasting, so there are no prizes, and everybody wins. Where’s the drama, you ask? Well, one act, chosen by Larry LeBlanc of Billboard Magazine gets to… do an encore song! To preserve the suspense, I won’t tell you which act… you’ll just have to tune in yourselves.

I know what you’re thinking. Where can I see this award (sort of) winning band perform their material live? Well, you lucky people you, we just happen to be playing TWO shows in June.

The first is our video release party on Friday, June 24th at the Renaissance Cafe, just west of Woodbine station on the Danforth. Taking advantage of the incredible momentum from the televisual TVO feast of the NIGHT BEFORE, we’ll be screening said video, and playing some tunes for any who happen to be in the vicinity. Opening up for us will be the lovely and talented Jess Graham, who is also sharp and dry, like a steak-knife under a plastic tarp after a long, hard rain. (Um. Metaphors out of control here). Also also opening up is Frank Brosseau, with selected members of his band Archery, (the ones he likes best). Frank writes brooding, introspective songs that smoulder like cigarette butts scattered across the Trans-Canada highway. It’s sure to be a rockin’ time, so bring your friends, or truss up your enemies and bring them instead!

The following Thursday, June 30, we’re playing a gig at the Pour House on Dupont, supporting our friend Nigel’s band Some Of The Parts. Think of it as another chance to jump on the band-wagon before it turns into A ONE WAY ROCKET TO STARDOM. Or something like that. Okay, maybe the express coach to local notoriety? The squeeky trike to infamy? Fine. It’s the clown-car to hey I know that guy from somewhere, hey guy, did we go to school together or something, ‘cause your face is wigging me in a big way.

Thanks for listening. We’ll see you there!

Posted Monday 13 June 2005.
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