Drawing A Blank

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Flickershow’s first full-length recording – Drawing A Blank.

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Track of the Fortnight: “Catch-22”

Got a live one for you this time: recorded at C’est What on March 7th last year, here’s “Catch-22”. (We’re working on an alternate version now, with more of a Latin groove to it.)

Catch-22 (3:24)
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Posted Monday 4 June 2007.

Sammy Sugar Festival

Sammy SugarHumble greetings and most sincere felicitations from the Flickershow camp:
Let it be known in the name of Mentos, (ancient, withered, sublime), that we will resume lobbing our musical salvos at 6:30 pm, on Saturday, the twenty sixth of May, 2007.  We will leave the Tranzac a smoking crater of peace and tranquility, in which the remaining acts of the evening shall cavort sweetly.  Let it also be known that our set shall be a small part of a greater festival, the Sammy Sugar Festival, packed with dozens of excellent musicians on three stages.  It shall take place between the hours of 1pm and 1am on the same day, with all proceeds going to support a musical education initiative in Ecuador.
Come thou, and witness the return of Clark, The Many Tentacled, as he whips his thwack-barrels into a rhythmic frenzy not seen since the Liquification of Hedron in 973 B.K.  Gape, as Julian keeps asking for more vocal in the monitors after each song, until his voice booms and quavers like some demigod who has lost his contact lens in an undersea cavern.  Hallucinate wildly as the thud from Eli’s Fury awakens hitherto dormant urges of an extremely salacious nature from within the hindmost quarters of your limbic system.
Safer to stay at home?  Probably.  More fun to come out?  Definitely!

The Sammy Sugar Day Festival
Main Stage - 6pm
The Tranzac - 292 Brunswick Ave, Toronto
(south of Bloor, between Bathurst and Spadina)
$20 for the whole day (1pm to 1am)
Full schedule

Posted Tuesday 22 May 2007.

Track of the Fortnight: “Know It All”

We’ll have plenty of new tunes for you at the Sammy Sugar Festival… To whet your appetite, here’s the latest Track of the Fortnight: a brand new song we call “Know It All”. What do physicists, monks, news anchors and musicians have in common? Find out!

Know It All (2:23)
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Posted Tuesday 22 May 2007.

Track of the Fortnight: “Vanilla and Vermouth”

From one of our newest tunes to one of our oldest. This one goes back a long way indeed, to the fabled Pre-Flickershow Era.

In 2000 Julian ventured over to Eli’s Bathurst Street apartment to record a four-song demo called Ink. Among the tracks was this number, inspired by a couple Julian spotted on the street one day. Dig the Alesis bassline and horn section.

Vanilla and Vermouth (2:43)
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Posted Thursday 3 May 2007.

Track of the Fortnight: “Hold Up Donny”

We’re proud to announce a new feature on the Flickershow site: the Track of the Fortnight!

Every two weeks we’ll be posting a different unreleased track - things like live shows and demos of brand new songs. If you’re one of the “pod people”, you can even subscribe using iTunes or other podcast-grabbing software, and have the songs delivered automatically to your computer.

Now, without further ado, the first Track of the Fortnight, a demo version of one of our newest songs: “Hold Up Donny”. And if you like it, just you wait - we’ve got a tricked out trip-hoppy version coming on our CD.


Hold Up Donnie (3:37)
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Posted Saturday 14 April 2007.
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