Drawing A Blank

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Flickershow’s first full-length recording – Drawing A Blank.

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Drawing A Blank


Produced by Don Kerr, Flickershow’s debut LP begins with a sting, and ends with a warm, soft shimmer. A labour of love recorded sporadically over the course of two years, this eclectic disc offers a little of everything from simple country ballads, to grand orchestral gestures. Clever wordplay and close harmonies abound, along with plenty of hooky melodies. Enjoy!

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Tracks: Mute / Linger / Hold Up Donnie / Invincible / To The Nines / Catch-22 / Erratic Satellite Aphrodite / The Siren of Queen Street / England Bring Her Home / Still Life

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Stars For Searchlights


Flickershow’s debut EP.

Tracks: Searchlights / Jacob / Suit Impostor Prophecy / Idiot Grin / Gold Thieves

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